Insurance Coverage

Metro MRI Center is an approved provider for many insurance carriers and health plans. It is important for you to take the following steps before your MRI appointment.

  • Give Metro MRI and your physician office complete, accurate insurance information, including insurance card, name and address of your plan, claims payer, your ID and group number and the name of the policy holder or subscriber. Inform us if this is workers’ compensation, automobile or personal injury case as these require pre-authorization and, if applicable, provide the name and address of your attorney.
  • Most insurance companies require preauthorization for MRI services. The process is initiated by your doctor’s office. Metro MRI Center and your referring physician’s office work together to provide information to your insurance company regarding your MRI services. Metro MRI Center has an insurance specialist on staff to assist with pre-authorization, to verify your coverage and determine if you have a deductible or co-pay due at time of service.
  • It is also your responsibility to know your insurance coverage and to make inquiries about your plan’s coverage prior to medical tests. Metro MRI Center recommends you contact your insurance company prior to your appointment to ask about your policy’s coverage for MRI services


You will receive separate bills for your MRI exam.

  1. Metro MRI Center for the technical component (TC) - the actual MRI examination
  2. Advanced Radiology, S.C. for the professional component (PC) for the interpretation of the exam by a radiologist and the report or results that are sent to your physician.
  3. In some cases, you will be required to have an x-ray at Advanced Imaging Center as part of your MRI study, which would result in an additional bill.

Advanced Radiology billing office handles the billing for both services and can be reached for billing questions at (309) 762-1072. If you do not have medical insurance, Metro MRI Center has a self-pay program that offers a discount for patients who follow the program guidelines. For more information on this program, contact Metro MRI Center. Ultimately, the patient is responsible for payment of the account, including any deductible and/or balance not covered by your insurance plan.

Metro MRI Center appreciates your business and extends a sincere thank you for allowing us to be partners with you in your outpatient MRI health care.

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