Not all MRIs are alike!

The quality of your MR image is determined by a variety of factors. The availability of different software packages is dependent on what is purchased with an MRI scanner.

Software is a key to obtaining a variety of sequences that are specific to what your doctor is looking for.

We have specialized software and hardware for all applications.

Examples are:

  • Shorter scans that allow for breath held sequences for better abdominal imaging
  • A variety of techniques to suppress fat from obscuring an image, regardless of the body part
  • The ability to apply a pulse that will suppress motion on a patient with tremors or pulsatile CSF
  • A technique that utilizes high resolution coils to read the signal faster with a smaller field of view
  • The ability to curve the magnetic field to increase homogeneity and image quality
  • A system that will allow a disabled or compromised patient to remain on the table while the coils are being changed
  • Diffusion scans that can acquire multiple b-values
  • Digital-in/digital-out that integrates all RF transmit and receive components at the magnet
  • Optical RF improving signal and maintain high stability
  • Elliptical scanning techniques
  • A technique to improve contrast enhancement
  • Comprehensive routine cardiac applications
  • Dynamic imaging capabilities

We are constantly evaluating the needs of our community and researching new techniques available to aid in the accuracy of our patient’s diagnosis.

MRI Receiver Coils

A receiver coil picks up the signal produced by relaxation inside the patient, after excitation through magnetization and radio waves. Each coil is designed to fit closely and specifically to the body part being imaged. This provides much higher resolution images, and greater detail for the radiologist to deliver an accurate diagnosis for you and your physician.

Metro MRI Center has a wide array of coils at all of their locations. When you choose to have your MRI at Metro, the staff will make sure that you go to the location that has the software and hardware (coils) to fit your needs.

Some MR Imaging facilities adapt coils for other body parts, to save on the expense of having a coil for your specific exam. Make sure that you are getting the best MRI exam available to you.

Examples of Coils:











Spine matrix

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