What is an IDTF?

IDTF stands for Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility. It is a provider that offers diagnostic services and is independent of a physician's office or a hospital. An IDTF must meet specific requirements.

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Metro MRI’s Commitment to Compliance

The regulatory environment in which Metro MRI Center operates is exceedingly complex, and we at Metro MRI have a fundamental obligation to our patients and the public to ensure that our participation in government and private reimbursement programs and the operation of our organization is consistent with applicable laws and regulations. To that end, Metro MRI has always made a strong commitment to its compliance program. Simply stated, the objective of a compliance program is to create a corporate culture that fosters a high level of ethical and lawful corporate conduct. The compliance program provides a process for identifying and reducing risk and improving internal controls.

An effective compliance program plays an important role in helping all of us at Metro MRI fulfill our obligations to public and private payers, financial stakeholders and the community at large. Creating an effective compliance program requires the commitment of every person in the organization to comply with all applicable laws and to be aware of how relevant laws and regulations impact the performance of each individual's job function. It is incumbent upon everyone to actively participate in Metro MRI’s compliance efforts. Should you ever have any questions, please contact the Corporate Compliance Officer at 309-762-7227.

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